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WHO IS THE CPF: The CPF consists of an Executive committee and 4 Sub sector Crime forum Committees. All of the above were voted into place by the residents of Edenvale and have volunteered to fulfill their roles in their various positions on a 100% volunteer basis.

WHAT DOES THE CPF DO: The CPF is a crime fighting body that has been put in place to create a smooth liaison between the residents of Edenvale and the South African Police Service. We fulfill many roles from social crime prevention, to a fully functional youth desk and of course the large and growing patroller network.

WHAT DO THE PATROLLERS DO. The patrollers are a sub forum of the CPF and form the CPF Neighbourhood Watch, and are in place to be the eyes and ears of the police. We have Sector crime prevention WhatsApp groups where residents can immediately report suspicious and crime activity, this is then escalated to our response group where more than 13 security companies and SAPS will respond to the emergencies. The patrollers themselves are active and have all had police clearance done. We routinely help SAPS with operations and carry out our own patrols around Edenvale and report suspicious behaviour as it is seen.

WHAT IS THE EDENVALE CRIME PREVENTION CAMERA PROJECT: As the Neighbourhood watch we decided to sit down and identify our biggest crime threats and come up with a solution that will be the most effective in addressing these issues. After many weeks of Testing, meeting with SAPS and other established roll players in the camera industry we finally settled on a solution that we feel will be the best for Edenvale.

HOW DO THE CAMERAS WORK. We plan to roll out over 100 cameras across Edenvale in strategic positions on specific roads. The reason for the high number of cameras is we worked out that to get best coverage of the whole of Edenvale we needed to saturate all the key points. The Cameras will be monitored on a 24 Hours a day, by an offsite impartial monitoring company. They will be looking for suspicious cars mainly and then sending that information to us and we will then in return pass the information on to our response group. It will be especially useful in hi-jacking and follow home crimes as we will be able to try and identify the suspects’ vehicle. SAPS Detectives will have access to this system and it will prove to be vital in the Intelligence gathering and crime fighting behind the scenes.

HOW MUCH DO THE CAMERAS COST: There are only certain cameras that will work on this system. The rough cost per site is R21 000-00. This includes the cost of the camera the installation of the camera and the annual 24 hour monitoring fee for the camera. Now before we all jump on the band wagon offering cheaper cameras we are getting this camera from the agents at cost, the installation of the cameras is done by our own contractor and the monitoring fees were brokered down to a bulk CPF rate. No one anywhere else can get the items for the prices at which they have been offered to us. If you take 100 cameras at R20 000 that’s R2 million rand that we need to raise. Some people are throwing their arms up in the air saying that’s impossible and giving up before we have started. Well it’s not impossible we are working with potential partners behind the scene that will remove massive burden here however these deals are not finalised and therefore will be treated as not happening until further notice.

WILL I GET A CAMERA IN MY STREET: The intention is to cover the whole of Edenvale by ensuring the cameras are located in key places, this means you may not get one in your street but cars travelling to your street would have passed a camera on the way there. We plan to cover all key entry points and saturate everywhere else. Our Neighbours Bedfordview have this system up and running and both Primrose and Modderfontein are busy looking at implementing it. This in essence means that the cars will never make it to your street as they will be stopped long before.

WHY SHOULD YOU GET INVOLVED: Because lets face it we live in a country where the government is not going to help us. The police are behind this project 100% and it has hugely improved relations with SAPS, however they don’t have a money tree growing at the station. The security companies in Edenvale are behind this project and have already assisted us on multiple arrests from these cameras, and we are in active negotiations with others to see how they can assist. You as a resident of Edenvale need to stand together on a community based project like this that will benefit all in Edenvale. It’s easy for us all to sit back and complain about crime and how the police do nothing Who has been to Kempton Park CBD lately, bet they wish they had not sat back and done nothing now. We are on a slippery slope and if we don’t make a stand it could become a landslide.

HOW DO I GET INVOLVED: There are many ways to get involved.
a) Join the CPF and volunteer your time
b) Join our patroller programme.
c) Sponsor a camera, businesses that make considerable donations will be endorsed and receive free social media attention for their good deed.
d) Sponsor towards a camera.
e) Get a group of companies to sponsor a camera, maybe your neighbouring businesses etc.
f) Help Raise money in your suburbs or your schools for this project every bit helps.
g) The CPF are selling Charcoal to raise money for this and all proceeds from sales go to the project. We sell on Cnr 1st Ave and Short street on Saturdays between 11am-2pm Alternatively 082CARWASH on Harris road is selling on our behalf together with a raffles to raise money for this project.
Further than this we plead with each and every one of the 25 000 households and 3000 businesses to help make our town like it was before. We cannot do this alone, CPF make no money from this project and we are starting to compromise our family lives and work time to get this project up and running, help share the load and together we can do it.

We can make Edenvale a Great Place again if we all work together.

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