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7 ways to get the best engagement ring you can, without breaking the bank

One of our listed businesses ' co owner, Clare Appleyard shares some smart tips on how to get more flash for your cash in today's tough economic climate. How to get more flash for your cash: Maximising your engagement ring budget 1. Don’t stick to the standard round diamond ring Being the most popular but in all the retail stores and make it an in demand item. Problem is this style is the most expensive cut? In any case, its always best to have a unique piece made that best suites you or your soon to be fiance's personality. 2. Size doesn't always count and its more expensive! Diamonds are priced according to colour,  clarity, and more so its size....

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What is the role of your ward councillor

Your Ward Councillor is indeed here to help you, and the go to person if you have a municipal query or a service delivery that you have reported that needs to be escalated. But it is important to note that Councillors are the local government equivalent of members of Parliament and deserve the same respect.  They are not service delivery agents or call centre clerks. They have four main areas of responsibility: A Legislative one:  that is they are responsible for making local government laws usually called bylaws and formulating local government policy;  they also have to approved all municipal expenditure via approval of the budget in the main. An Oversight one:  They need to hold the Executive arm of...

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Why do recruitment agencies charge so much

Let me preface this short piece with the fact that Popcorn People is not an agent (Fake or otherwise 😂) We do however help our HR clients to find the people they're looking for. This costs money. And time. Lots and lots of time. Most agents don't have this massive database of unemployed people just hanging around waiting for you to employ them. And if people ARE hanging around, it's cos they're probably not the best...otherwise they would have a job already. So, to get the exact person you're looking for, we have to advertise - either on social media or on job portals or community websites - each of these comes at a cost. (Depending on the type of job,...

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