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Karaglen needs your used cooking oil

A fantastic cooking oil recycling initiative began in August of last year, when Harry Karamichael (owner of ) and Shaun Dalrymple (of ) teamed up to make a difference in our wonderful little town. This is just one of the many sustainability projects that Harry has undergone over the years to uplift the Edenvale and more specifically the Edenglen area. Its simple: They take your used cooking oil and turn it into . [caption id="attachment_22091" align="alignleft" width="225"] A container of used cooking oil[/caption] I was given a full demo on the process today and one thing I learnt is that, have taken a really technical process and made it seem so simple with their incredible technology and products! They are asking...

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So, what is actually happening at Karaglen?

I've lived in Edenvale for about 18 years now and one thing that has stayed consistent is that I have always enjoyed shopping at . I just find the quality of store, staff and product always top notch (my own personal opinion). As I'm sure most of us have seen, there has been alot happening there over the last few months, building, shops moving. Its left us all asking, what is actually happening at Karaglen? I went and got the scoop from Harry himself and thought I would share with you all... Firstly, there is Karaglen Centre which homes the much loved and well known as well as: ▶️MyPhoto ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ 👆All 3 of these moved from across the road....

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Space Maze at Greenstone Shopping Center

Carey,Kelly and I were given the opportunity to experience Greenstone Shopping Centre’s latest attraction – The Space Maze, with our children over the weekend.  My little boy, Alex had already told me he wanted to visit the maze during the holidays after seeing the FB posts and advertising inside Greenstone in the few weeks leading up to December,so the invitation to go and have a look was a welcome start to the December holidays! We arrived for the 11am start and were super impressed with the reception area!  As we walked in, we immediately felt as though we were in another world, the use of uv lighting and neon paint to depict the solar system really brought the planets and...

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