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A loved one and drug abuse

There are few things more devastating to a parent than a random drug test on a child coming back positive. The whole world tilts, and there is a sudden realisation that nothing will ever be the same again – and it won’t. Life suddenly becomes a whirlwind of denial, lying, promises, broken promises, more promises and excuses – and of finding out details of your child’s life that you had no idea about and on some level still don’t really want to know about – and then, in the middle of the sleepless nights the feeling that you failed as a parent. But you didn’t. None of us did. We all did the very best we could with our children,...

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The Circus came to town

I have lived in Edenvale for about 21 years now. I have run Edenvale HUB for almost 5 of these years. In this time I have learned that this community is passionate about animal welfare. They will drop everything to help an animal in need. They will leave their houses to drive around the streets in the middle of the night to find lost animals. So imagine the uproar it caused when these same animal lovers heard that the circus was coming to town. Not a modern 21st century type circus but the old fashioned 'traditional' type with performing animals. Lions, horses, ponies, poodles, snakes, camels, crocodiles, the works. Before the circus arrived in town, petitions against them were already...

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Half loaf of dynamite breaking barriers in online comedy space

With all the noise online these days its hard to find a piece of content that really jumps out at you. Everything is also just so serious, so negative I almost hesitate when loading my news feed... Well, that was until I stumbled across a new up and coming local actress/comedian - ! I had to find her, I had to find out more about what led this dynamic woman to take it upon herself to make the East Rand smile again. Immediately on greeting her, I am laughing my head off. She is just one of those people that cannot, not be funny. She is just a naturally funny person and we hit it off immediately! First things first,...

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