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No more TERS… what now?!

No more TERS Now What? The Minister of Employment and Labour announced on 25 March 2020, just days before the start of the National Lock-down which is still in effect, that a special type of UIF had been created to support employees and employers who were negatively impacted by the lock-down. Under the provisions of the new Directive, employees could claim TERS UIF in circumstances where they were placed on Temporary Lay-off, or on Reduced Working Hours due to the lock-down. The claims process was tedious and fraught with challenges from the very beginning, with many employees only receiving their April TERS pay-outs during the first two weeks of August! Communication from the Department of Employment and Labour was almost...

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Tough times ahead but we are in this together

The unemployment rate increased to 30.1% in the first quarter of 2020 and is set to increase even further as our fragile economy quite literally collapses amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and the widely criticized government lockdown. Business have been forced to shut their doors and employers have lost their ability to earn an income for 100+ days. In a community where we have many self employed individuals, its been even harder. Being self employed myself, I understand how difficult it is. It takes years of hard work and working for below standard rates, just to get some clients on board. And then you have some months that are OK. You get by and can pay your bills. There are other...

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A loved one and drug abuse

There are few things more devastating to a parent than a random drug test on a child coming back positive. The whole world tilts, and there is a sudden realisation that nothing will ever be the same again – and it won’t. Life suddenly becomes a whirlwind of denial, lying, promises, broken promises, more promises and excuses – and of finding out details of your child’s life that you had no idea about and on some level still don’t really want to know about – and then, in the middle of the sleepless nights the feeling that you failed as a parent. But you didn’t. None of us did. We all did the very best we could with our children,...

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